Architetture, Design, Emergency, Tecnology

The study of Archica engineering comes founded in 2006 from Valentina Angius and Tommaso Pugliese. The idea is born from the necessity to create a creative and young nucleus that is, for definition, in a position to answering to the requirements of a field in continuous evolution, that it demands a assiduous and more and more frequent renewal of methodologies and acquaintances. Archica takes advantage of precious matured collaborations thanks to working experiences with varied professionals and enterprises, allowing therefore to give answer to the continuous question of services connected to engineering and to the computer science, between which:

  • Designing business premises:
  • We propose design themes related to the world of the evening entertainment and not: mercao a large potential and where design, setting, and atmosphere are decisive
  • Advising on the emergency in the job and the yard:
  • Advising for companies in emergency topic and health on the job, comprised: the organization and management of the Service of Prevention and Protection, writing of Pimus, Pos and all the relative documentation to the business emergency (D.Lgs. 81/2008: Unified Body of Laws on the Emergency)
  • Coordination of the intense activitis:
  • Coordination for the emergency in phase of planning and execution (D.Lgs. 81/2008)
  • Architectonic planning:
  • Civilian and manufacturer, system and architetture of inner (interior design)
  • Planning system energy alternative:
  • Photovoltaic system and solar thermal
  • Direction Works:
  • Direction of the intense activities and Accounting works
  • Calculation of the structures:
  • Structural calculation of reinforced concrete works and works in steel
  • Realizazion of photorealistic simulations:
  • Graphic 3D, rendering with software of highest level
  • Certifications, Certificates and Relations:
  • Energetic certificaztion of the buildings, D.Lgs. 192/05, integrated with D.Lgs. 311/06
  • Relation on acoustic requirement of the buildings in applications of D.P.C.M. 5.12.1997
  • Domotica;
  • With the domotica it dictates also home automation, we take care ourselves to study the technologies apt to improve the quality of the life in the house, thanks all' automation and the control of repetitive processes. With " house intelligente" a domestic atmosphere opportunely planned and technologically equipped to the aim is indicated to render the activities easyr all' inside of it
  • Technical skills:
  • Technical skills for the CTU of the Ccourt of Cagliari
  • Informatics:
  • Management, design and maintenance of small-medium-large networks
  • Computer Security
  • CCNA Certification CISCO

Archica is equipped of a remarkable flexibility in the structure that puts molding on the objective according to: this allows to obtain high result from the qualitative point of view.